Parameters investigation of phosphors for solid state lighting

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Five types of phosphors for LED ribbon beam elements in white LED lamps have been studied. The phosphor composition and colorimetric parameters have been researched during the experiment. It is found that the larger and more uniform the grains of the phosphor, the higher the emission efficiency. The most similar in color to the white color coordinates of the sample No. 5 phosphor having also higher brightness compared with samples No. 1 – No. 4.


  • Key Engineering Materials
  • Trans Tech Publications Ltd. (Zürich)
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Библиографическая запись: Parameters Investigation of Phosphors for Solid State Lighting. /Y. V. Ryapolova [et. al.] // Key Engineering Materials, 2016. - Vol. 712. - p. 357-361.

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Год издания:  2016
Страницы:  357 - 361
Язык:  Английский
DOI:  10.4028/