Design patterns of communication messages for promoting software products on the corporate market

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On the basis of conditions of low-budget software product promotion on the market, applied aspects of semiotics, methods of artificial intelligence and the results of practical experience of advertising agencies with Internet advertising for promotion on the corporate market of goods and services, this article proposes a method for developing design pattern for creating the content of communication messages (CM). The article presents a semantic network which describes the model for developing CM design patterns. It identifies key network concepts: the software product, consumer properties, positioning strategy, potential consumers, consumer preferences, features of information perception, a unique proposal, message distribution tools. Associative links between concepts are described. Elements of a semantic network dictionary are offered: the object of definitions, the characteristics of objects, the semantic units of characteristics; semantic unit description of lexical construction dictionary elements - target, key, alternative. Target lexical constructions describe and specify the format of the advertising message in the template. Key lexical constructions determine unique characteristics of the objects' concept. Alternative lexical constructions are designed to strengthen the influence of semantic units and to exert additional impact on potential users. Communication message templates are combinations of semantic units with suggested messages that are most likely to motivate consumers to take certain actions. For practical approval of the use of templates for designing CM in product promotion to the corporate market, a multi-layered production semantic network has been developed. Network layer multiplicity matches a variety of concepts. Each layer consists of a set of objects that reflect the qualitative composition of the layer. The procedure for selecting variants of communication message templates is a non-cyclic chain of the semantic network using production rules. There are consistently selected elements: the representative of the target audience, the type of consumer behavior, the positioning strategy, the tool for disseminating communication messages, the structural element of communication messages. The results obtained can be useful for directors and managers of small IT companies in organizing Internet advertising of their products.


  • Национальный исследовательский университет "Высшая школа экономики" (Москва)

Библиографическая запись: Yekhlakov, Y. P. Design patterns of communication messages for promoting software products on the corporate market / Y. P. Yekhlakov, E. K. Malakhovskaya // BUSINESS INFORMATICS. – 2018. – №1 (43). – С. 50–60. – DOI: 10.17323/1998-0663.2018.1.50.60.

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Год издания:  2018
Страницы:  50 - 60
Язык:  Английский
DOI:  10.17323/1998-0663.2018.1.50.60.